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R1a Haplotree

Branches of 2010 tree were published originally in article И. Рожанский и А. Клёсов, "Гаплогруппа R1a: гаплотипы, генеалогические линии, история, география". Proceedings of the Russian Academy of DNA Genealogy (2009) v. 2, p. 974 (in russian). Methods for the assignment of branches were published in the article I. Rozhanskii. "Evaluation of the convergence of sets in STR phylogeny and analysis of the haplogroup R1a1 tree". Proceedings of the Russian Academy of DNA Genealogy (2010) v. 3, p.1316.

Areas shown on map are results of phylogenic and geographical reconstruction
of the R1a1a1-M417 clade history within the last two millennia.

If you would like to see your 67-marker haplotype on the tree, please send it to us following instructions below or forward your YSearch user ID to dnatree@yandex.ru, attention Pavel Shvarev.


Ancestor of the haplogroup
Родоначальник R1a

Most important branches in the R1a haplogroup
Крупнейшие ветви рода R1a

The Clans – family branches ranging back to the 40th generation (39th direct generation on the paternal line)
«Кланы» ветвей рода объединяющие людей в рамках 40 поколений (30 юродного родства)

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The tree was illustrated with Scythic drawings by Angus McBride. Format A3.

Кликнуть для просмотра варианта A3

This is the second version of R1a1 phylogenetic tree, designed by Pavel Shvarev (November 2007), using the Network 4.2 program (Flux Technology Ltd). The tree built of 230 of 67-marker haplotypes extracted from the YSearch database, FamilyTreeDNA Co.

© 2007-2010  R1a International Y-DNA Project
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